Hapless junkie sends boyfriend’s lawyer heroin

The Local Germany (19 November 2015)

A woman from Regensburg thought she’d found a foolproof way to smuggle heroin to her boyfriend in prison – but the plan backfired in a very literal way.

The 36-year-old decided to post the 4.16 grams of heroin to her partner in an envelope, reports Mittelbayerische Zeitung.

She addressed the package to her boyfriend – but instead of writing her own name as sender, she made the letter appear to have come from his lawyers’ office, even falsifying the solicitor’s postmark.

A letter from her beloved’s defender wouldn’t be examined too closely by prison guards, she reasoned.

But she failed to pay the correct postage for the letter, meaning it was returned to sender – and landed in the postbox of the Regensburg lawyers’ office.

With the possession of narcotics punishable by law, the lawyers themselves were in something of a pickle after receiving 4.16 grams of heroin.

But police believed they hadn’t intended to receive the drugs – and after confiscating the letter, officers soon found the woman’s fingerprints on the envelope.

A drug addict since the age of 20, she had numerous previous convictions – often for selling heroin in Regensburg casinos.

On Tuesday, the woman was tried for the possession and handling of illegal substances.

She admitted to all charges outright – saying that being caught had “saved” her.

The 36-year-old is now looking forward to receiving therapy and living a crime-free life, she told the judge.

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