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March 2016
Road trips, bad interviews and hugging a giant penis – February Part #2
Candyfloss, clubbing with teens and being on fleek – February in Berlin (Part #1)

January 2016
Mittens, soup and Matt Damon – January 2k16 in Berlin
Vodka wine, ice skating and caffeine shakes – December 2015 in Berlin

November 2015
Dogs in turtlenecks, horizontal snow and Glühwein overload – Days 131-140
Books, memories and pressing “play” on life – Thoughts from Berlin
Frantic landlords, scary letters and a hail storm – Day #130 in Berlin
Reunions, the East Side Gallery and even more absinthe – Days #110-117

October 2015
Takeaways, absinthe and seeing my sister on the operating table – Days 102-108
Walking for freedom, marriage proposals and the most Instagrammable sausage ever – Days 96-100
Black Forest Gateau, an Aldi disaster and a surprise boat trip – Days 89-95
Winter chills, Beyoncé and falling asleep on the S-Bahn – Days 83-88
Jumbled thoughts, potato pizza, and getting my tooth pulled out – Days 78-82

September 2015:
Late-night train fights, health kicks, and getting grumpy about soup – Days 73-77
Bureaucracy, dentists and falling off my bike again – Days 69-72
Naked X-rays, courgetti, and too much white wine – Days 64-68
Big city journalism, late nights and grossing out the fit pharmacy guy – Days 57-61
Dreams about cows, getting locked out, and that long-awaited bicycle fall – Week #8

August 2015:
Weird sandwiches, Mozart and a few more thoughts on life – Week #7
Free rice pudding, a week of challenges, and selling my moral integrity for €15 – Days 34-40
Dinner parties, keyboard warriors and drunken FaceTime calls – Days 29-33
Road rage, old men and a few thoughts on life – Day 28
Giant sex toys, terrible photos and being unable to dress myself – Days 24-27
Cycling mishaps, donuts and accidental exhibitionism – Days 21-23
Blue moons, moving day and a cheese slice love story – Days 18-20

July 2015:
Trial-and-error, masturbating monkeys and way too much confetti – Days 14-17
Daredevil cows, teepees and Merkel’s lesbian lover – Days 11-13
Tightropes, sex scammers and non-consensual watermelon – Days 8-10
Over-optimism, full fat coke and being too uncool for techno – Weekend #1
Opium cake, squirrel stalkers and one unnecessarily large plum snail – Days 1-5


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