Madame Waffle

Kompas Lincoln Instagram blog (27 September 2016)

This one barely even needs a caption. But we’re going to give it one anyway, as nothing can stop us waffling on about Madame Waffle. Since opening in summer 2015, this coffee, waffle and wine bar has had sweet-toothed diners flocking to Lincoln’s High Street for some of Lincoln’s fluffiest breakfast fare. From crushed Oreos, strawberries and mandarins to Nutella, peanut butter, custard, or even pecans baked in, there’s room for whatever you fancy atop your decadent brunch. But this Madame’s not all sweetness and nice. Why not give the intriguing ‘Bacon and Banana’ combo a shot? Or smoked salmon and scrambled eggs? And there’s always the ‘Madame Waffle Breakfast’ – a full English balanced on a soft Belgian waffle. Didn’t make it here before noon? No worries! Boasting everything from pastrami and smoked bacon to hummus and feta, the lunch menu proves beyond doubt that waffles are for life, not just for breakfast. Thought you couldn’t put chilli con carne on a waffle? Think again… #MadameWaffle #Lincoln #LincolnHighStreer #Waffles #WaffleShop #CoffeeWaffleWine #Breakfast #Brunch #BreakfastDate #VisitLincoln #BlueberryWaffles #BreakfastWaffles #BananaWaffles #BreakfastPorn #BreakfastLover #WaffleLover #BreakfastGoals #Lincolnshire #VisitLincolnshire

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