How could Brexit affect Exeter?

Exeposé News Issue 656, Page 4 (4 September 2016) and Exeposé News online (20 September 2016)

In the wake of the UK’s momentous decision to leave the EU, Exeter’s Vice Chancellor Sir Steve Smith sent an email to all current students.

“This is not an outcome that we wished our campaigned for”, he admitted – yet went on to assure readers: “we are, and will remain, an international and diverse community that welcomes colleagues and students from all around the world.”

Smith couldn’t say for certain what the EU would mean for Exeter. However, he wrote: “I am already in discussion with Universities UK, fellow Russell Group universities and our UK, European and international partners to ensure the future of UK Universities, and ultimately our university, is not adversely affected by this decision.”

A University spokesman confirmed: “As the process for leaving the European Union has not started there is not immediate change for staff and students at the University of Exeter.”

Explaining:“Researchers are still applying for and receiving grants from the European Union”, and citing government “reassurances that funding for European research and innovation will continue,” they concluded: “Through forging partnerships as part of the EU we are more influential. The UK must remain a place where the brightest and best work and study.”

According to official figures, 548 European staff currently work at the University, while 1,153 European students work and study here. In light of Exeter’s close ties with Europe – and the uncertain future of these ties – Exeposé looked into how the University has worked with the EU in recent years, and what could be at stake when Brexit comes into force:

2012/13 – 2014/15:

  •  9, 801 EU students applied to Exeter
  •  3, 888 of these students consequently enrolled here


  •  1, 474 Exeter students were members of international/EU-related societies
June 2016:
  •  84 University of Exeter projects were being funded by the European Commission
  • This funding equated to 46.8 million euros
In the past three years:
  • 652 Exeter students completed year-long Erasmus+ placements in 18 different European countries
  • 980 students travelled from across Europe to study at Exeter on this programme.

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