The Grove Diner

Kompas Exeter Instagram blog (16 Septembed 2016)

Forgot to grab breakfast before heading onto Exeter’s Streatham campus? Student or not, this all-American diner is a perfect pit-stop for growling bellies. From pancake pile-ups oozing with syrup (the blueberries counteract all manner of sins, we say) to bagels, fry-ups and fruity granola, there’s a bit of morning magic for all tastes here. With all breakfast options ridiculously cheap (come on: where else can you grab sausage, bacon, egg, hashbrown and cheese on a brioche bun for £3.50?!) there’s nowhere on-campus we’d rather spend a hungover morning. Arrived after 11:30? No worries! This is when the fun really begins. Indulge in sticky BBQ ribs, wings, hot dogs, burgers, pasta, popcorn chicken… all washed down with a thick shake and finished off with a Belgian waffle or brownie sundae. Oh, and did we mention all the food’s under £6? For fun, flavour and more comfort food than you can shake a mac ‘n’ cheese croquette at, the Grove’s a safe bet. Let’s make American food great again. #GroveDiner #CornwallHouse #Exeter #ExeterUni #ExeterLife #ExeterFreshers #Pancakes #BlueberryPancakes #AmericanDiner #Breakfast #BreakfastTime #IgersExeter #UniofExeter #Diner #BreakfastLover #Brekkie #PancakeStack #PancakeLover #Kompas #VisitDevon #ExeterFood

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