Jolly Pots

Kompas Lincoln Instagram blog (30 August 2016)

What’s Lincoln got in common with Bakewell? Well, charming stone buildings, thriving traditional markets… and Jolly Pots! These twin treasure troves are an explosion of gifts and crafts from around the world. We’re talking adorable tea lights, quirky décor items, jewellery, handbags, DIY craft kits… always changing, and always as low-cost as they can make it. Most of the stock’s from South-East Asia, and it’s all handmade from natural and locally sourced materials, while direct trading and close relationships with manufacturers mean everyone gets a fair deal. Dipping through the entrance into the Steep Hill Jolly Pots, it’s easy to see that everything here’s been made with love and a wicked imagination. A must-visit if you’re a sucker for wooden ducks in dotty wellies, or simply want something colourful, quirky and entirely unique for your new home. #Lincoln #VisitLincoln #Kompas #SteepHill #SteepHillLincoln #JollyPots #Gifts #GiftShop #HandmadeGifts #Handmade #FairTrade #FairTradeGifts #SouthEastAsian #Crafts #CraftShop #HandmadeCrafts #Lincolnshire #VisitLincolnshire #LincolnShopping #ShopLincoln #Tealights #TealightHolder #TealightHolders

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