Exeter Riddle Sculpture

Kompas Exeter Instagram blog (19 August 2016)

If you’re an Exeter student or local resident, you’ll no doubt have walked past it numerous times. Every time you nip down the High Street, in fact. But what does this shining silver spire actually mean? Well, we wish we could tell you… but we’ve still got our thinking caps on. This is the Exeter Riddle sculpture. Created by Michael Fairfax and unveiled in 2005, it’s a twist and turn back through the centuries – featuring questions handpicked from the 96 riddles in the Exeter Book, a tome bequeathed to Exeter Cathedral in 1072 AD. Each wing of the sculpture features mind-boggling riddles in reverse, leaving readers squinting into the reflections to puzzle over each question. Can’t quite figure it out? Happily, the answers are imprinted on the silver spheres between each wing. We’re far too stubborn for that, though. Let us know whether you managed to crack the riddles without sneaking a look at the answers (but no spoilers please)! #ExeterRiddle #ExeterRiddleSculpture #Kompas #Exeter #VisitDevon #ExeterHighStreet #Riddle #Riddles #ExeterBook #MichaelFairfax #Sculpture #StainlessSteel #StainlessSteelSculpture #IgersExeter #ExeterCity #ExeterLife #ExeterDevon

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