Exe Bridges

Kompas Exeter Instagram blog (11 August 2016)

Need a new spot to sunbathe, read or just sit and reflect? On our way back from Healthfoods Unlimited the other week (check out the verdict in our previous post), we stumbled upon a hidden gem between Frog Street, Western Way and Edmund Street that fit the bill perfectly. However, a little digging proved there’s more to this excavated hideaway than wildflowers and catching rays. See, in around 1200AD, the River Exe was much wider than it is today – and the medieval Exe Bridge was one of many used to cross it. Now the remains lay beached in this grassy hollow between three main roads – but does that make them any less stunning? We don’t think so. Check out the striking 15th Century tower, all that remains of St Edmund’s chapel after a fire in 1969 left partial demolition necessary to make the structure safe. And the nine sprawling arches that make this one of England’s oldest medieval stone bridges. A pretty fab spot for some afternoon sun and a dose of Exeter’s rich architectural history, we'd say. #ExeBridge #Exeter #Kompas #MedievalBridge #MedievalRuins #SouthWest #Devon #VisitDevon #RiverExe #MedievalExeter #ExeterHistory #HistoricExeter #StEdmund #IgersExeter #Architecture #MedievalArchitecture #Ruins #ExeterDevon #HistoricSite #HistoricSites #HistoryBuff #HistoryTour #DevonHistory #MedievalBritain

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