Track review: Busted – Coming Home

Exeposé Music online (12 May 2016)

So Busted have gone and released their first song in 12 years. As if there hasn’t been enough sentimental hype surrounding *that* upcoming reunion tour. And what have Matt, James and Charlie been doing over the past decade? Well… getting edgy, apparently.

Seriously: it’s like the former pop/rock trio’s watched a YouTube crash course in ‘how to be indie.’ The video for new single ‘Coming Home’ is a sensual blur of faceless characters, desaturated landscapes, echoing vocals and slow-motion sparks flying in a deserted meadow – all set to an anthemic synth-pop soundtrack that’s almost suspiciously uplifting.

For a start… there’s something very lump-in-the-throat about the name. ‘Coming Home.’ Busted’s coming home. Home. To us. Are we being emotionally manipulated here? Probably. Then there’s the fact they’ve made the track free to download. Kind of like a “sorry we left you for so long, everyone.” (OH, YOU GUYS. *sob*)

The lyrics aren’t too taxing either. I mean, “Went past the Taj Mahal / It’s so fucking beautiful / But I miss my family / There’s nothing else to see…” could have some deep hidden meaning – but it’s more likely something along the lines of: “you fans are our family and we missed you.”

(Oh yeah: Busted swear now. But it kinda feels like that line in James Blunt’s ‘You’re Beautiful.’ The one that made everyone think he was trying slightly too hard to be edgy. Yeah, we get it, guys. You grew up. So did we.)

This all sounds very cynical, I know. And don’t get me wrong… ‘Coming Home’ got me as weak-kneed and gooey-eyed as the next hardcore Busted fan. Plus that synth chorus is catchy – even if it is pretty repetitive. “I wanna be in your loving arms” began to lose its goosebump factor after the third go. But see, then I imagined Charlie yelling this into a mic, voice hoarse, arms raised, adoring fans lifting their hands and imagining he was reaching out for them… And yep. I could see this working.

Let’s face it: to the 100,000 fans who snapped up tickets to Busted’s ‘Pigs Can Fly’ reunion tour within an hour, this track is exactly what they’ve been waiting for. It’s an apology, a celebration, a wistful look at times gone by… and yeah: it’s a homecoming.

Sure, ‘Coming Home’ is a bit of an “ooh look at me; I’m all grown up.” But on the other hand, it’s kind of perfect.

Image: Simon Jones PR

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