NUS vote breaks record for student turnout

Exeposé News online (9 May 2016)

Exeter’s NUS membership has officially become the most voted-on topic in Guild history, with over 2,400 students registering their opinion on theStudent Ideas forum.

Exeter Change and Represent announced the record turnout on Twitter on Sunday evening.

The motion “The Guild should disaffiliate from the National Union of Students” launched as a student vote on Monday 2 May, and has polarised student opinion – with near-equal percentages voting “Strongly disagree” (Exeter should remain in the NUS) and “Strongly agree” (Exeter should leave the NUS).

Vote 1

Opposing groups Exiter and Stay With NUS both continue to campaign heavily on social media and across campus, following a public debate on the decision on 2 May.

The vote closes at midnight on Thursday.

The outcome is based on a simply majority system. If either side has 50 per cent +1 of the votes when the poll closes, then Exeter will automatically leave or remain in the NUS.

(Percentages correct as of 11am on 9 May 2016)

>>View original Exeposé News story>>


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