Timepiece prepares for a makeover

Exeposé News online (7 April 2016)

Exeter’s much-loved Timepiece nightclub is getting a makeover, the club announced on Thursday.

Timepiece shared the “exciting news” in a Facebook post on Thursday evening, adding that it hopes to keep clubbers updated with further posts and photos while the changes take place.

The Little Castle Street venue has temporarily closed its doors for the refurb – but the downstairs and outside areas remain open, it assured Facebook fans.

A popular spot for Exeter’s Athletic Union socials, Timepiece Nightclub & Wine Bar moved to its current location in 1997.

Since then, it’s played host to celebs from Will Young to Snoop Dogg. Singer Joss Stone also famously celebrated her 18th birthday party at the club, while Coldplay’s Chris Martin allegedly earned applause at an Exeter Castle gig for adding the line “singing and dancing in Timepiece” to his performance.

More info to follow on the planned refurbishment and what this means for students over the coming weeks.

>>View original Exeposé News story>>


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