Zaim Restaurant

Hidden Berlin Facebook and Instagram blogs (4 April 2016)

Bursting from the corner of Kastanienallee and Oderberger Straße, Zaim serves up tasty Lebanese cuisine in a slightly different form to those 3am sandwiches most of us are way too familiar with. Candlelit tables, flower assortments and friendly waiting staff all make dinner here a pretty sophisticated affair. Well, until you’ve had a few of the €4.50 Happy Hour cocktails. Fruity and fiery, they’re decidedly moreish… so it’s a good job there’s plenty of food on hand. For pick’n’mix fans, we’d recommend the Mezza selection: craft your own meal from a range of hot and cold dishes at around €5-6 each, including falafel, halloumi, stuffed vine leaves and various meat and salad concoctions. Or take advantage of the five-dish Mezza Special: at €7.50 per person (and we’re talking generous portions here) it’s delicious, brilliantly Instagrammable and more than enough to soak up some of that cocktail buzz. What more could you ask for in a meal?! #Zaim #Lebanese #LebaneseFood #LebaneseCuisine #Mezza #Mezze #HiddenBerlin #Berlin #BerlinFood #FoodPorn #Veggie #VeggieFood #VeggieFoodPorn #Falafel #Hummus #Houmous #Halloumi #PrenzlauerBerg #KastanienAllee #OderbergerStrasse #Salat #Salad #Lecker #Dinner

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