Review: Schwabylon

EXBERLINER Foodletter (1 April 2016)

You’ve heard about Prenzlauer Berg’s Swabian invasion, but what’s this? Spätzle on the streets of Neukölln? Yep, the Schwabocalypse is spreading – in the form of Dominik Eisele’s hot-off-the-press homage to Schwaben’s carbtastic export. Eisele moved to Berlin from Baden-Württemberg in 2007, and last month began serving his region’s signature homemade noodles from this snug spot on Pannierstraße. The menu’s limited (like, literally four variations) but wallet-friendly at €5-6 for most dishes. While you’re waiting, check out the screens buzzing with clips compiled by Eisele (he used to be a TV editor) and push-button gadgets he made himself. Oh, and fancy more Spätzle with your Spätzle? The sugar, cinnamon and applesauce “ZZ-top” is a hit with sweet-toothed diners.

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