Hidden Berlin Facebook and Instagram feeds (27 March 2016)

Planning a scenic stroll this bank holiday Monday to ward off the food coma after your second Easter brunch? Of course you are! The question is… where? Well, if you fancy being all alternative and avoiding the crowds at Mauerpark and Tiergarten, we’ve got an idea. Tucked away behind high-rise apartment blocks and a cold war-era bust of its communist namesake, Ernst-Thälmann-Park isn’t Berlin’s flashiest outdoor spot – but there’s something curiously charming about this plain, functional throwback to Soviet-ruled East Germany. Opened in 1986, when the Wall still stood between Prenzlauer Berg and West Berlin, the park was built on the grounds of a former coal gas plant. The 62-acre “inhabited park” plays host to everything from a sprawling housing estate to a theatre, a hospital, multiple playgrounds – and even a planetarium (due to re-open after renovation later this year.) But its numerous purposes don’t stop Ernst-Thälmann-Park being an understated haven of chill – especially when it’s paired with afternoon sun, spring blossom and twittering birds. Happy Easter, everyone! #ErnstThälmann #ErnstThälmannPark #PrenzlauerBerg #Berlin #HiddenBerlin #Park #FreshAir #Greenery #EveningStroll #EveningSky #Calm #BerlinParks #Easter #EasterMonday #EasterinBerlin #Spring #Springtime #SpringinBerlin #Trees #Nature #GermanHistory #EastGermany #EastBerlin #DDR #GDR #Communist #Kommunist

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