“Titan of the Tax Bar” heads to Exeter

Exeposé News online (21 March 2016)

Exeter students can quiz one of the UK’s top legal minds next week, as the University welcomes David Goldberg QC back to the South West.

Goldberg – one of the UK’s highest-paid lawyers, whose clients include Apple, Samsung and Goldman Sachs – will speak in Exeter’s Newman Red Lecture Theatre on Tuesday 22 March.

Dubbed “Titan of the Tax Bar” by Gray’s Inn Tax Chambers, he will also give a Q&A session with students.

Originally from Plymouth, the 65-year-old QC told Exeposé this trip would be a chance to “reacquaint myself with some haunts of my past.”

But he also hopes “to enjoy the company of students, and to give some idea of the importance to a democratic society of tax law.”

Bracton Law Society and Exeter Law School will host the event, which all students are welcome to attend. A Facebook event has been set up for the talk.

As well as explaining his journey to the bar and giving advice to Exeter’s aspiring lawyers, it’s hoped Goldberg will talk to students about his education – especially the fact that, unlike most of his peers, he didn’t attend Oxbridge.

Goldberg studied at Plymouth College before enrolling at the London School of Economics. Appointed QC (Queen’s Counsel) at just 38, he now earns £3 million per year.

Third-year Law LLB student Ammar Khan invited the top barrister to Exeter.

“I have got to know [Khan] over the last few years because he did work experience with me and we have stayed in touch,” Goldberg told Exeposé. “He is an impressive and persuasive young man, and I am happy to accept the invitation.”

This isn’t the first time Khan has brought one of the UK’s leading legal minds to Exeter. In January, his invitation to Lord David Neuberger drew hundreds to the Alumni Auditorium for a speech and Q&A session with the Supreme Court President.

Goldman’s talk begins at 12:30 on Tuesday 22 March – and with over 240 people already expressing interest, seats in the 120-capacity lecture theatre could disappear quickly.

“Lord Neuberger is at the top of the judiciary,” Khan told Exeposé. “If one decides to become a member of the judiciary then he is what everyone should aim to be.”

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