Street Food auf Achse

Hidden Berlin Facebook and Instagram feeds (6 March 2015)

If you’re new to Germany, something about Berlin’s probably given you the heebie jeebies: the fact that every Sunday (unless you’re after booze, bread or a bus tour) the city just… stops. It's a different story at Kulturbrauerei, though. Here, sleepy Sunday dawns just mean the Street Food auf Achse market’s about to roll up! In January 2015 this weekly market first clattered onto the cobbles – and since then it’s been serving up delicious local and international street food to Sunday wanderers, cinema-goers and worshippers in nearby Berlin Connect church. Different traders set up shop every week – so keep an eye on their Facebook page to see what’s on the menu this Sunday. From Vietnamese steamed buns to Gnocchi, Brazilian tapioca or a good old-fashioned cheeseburger with homemade chips, it’s a culinary gap-yah within the comfort of the Kulturbrauerei’s cute little courtyard. It’s chilled, it’s delicious and – as we discovered one soggy Sunday – it’s here come rain or shine. With fires to huddle round in winter and the chance to take shelter in nearby Frannz Club, this market’s got you covered whatever the weather. But we hear you’re not a real Berliner until you’ve scoffed tofu under a San Miguel umbrella in the rain. #Kulturbrauerei #StreetFood #BerlinFood #BerlinStreetFood #StreetFoodMarket #Milkshake #Tapioca #BaoBun #BaoBurger #TofuBurger #Tofu #VeggieFood #Vegan #Veggie #VeganFood #VeganBerlin #SteamedBun #VietnameseBun #Vietnamese #FoodPorn #PrenzlauerBerg #SchönhauserAllee #HiddenBerlin #StreetFoodAufAchse #AufAchse

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