Rice Queen

Hidden Berlin Facebook and Instagram feeds (4 March 2016)

This quirky little Asian restaurant on Danziger Straße might not look the prettiest from the outside, but behind that simplistic exterior it’s got a heart of gold. Well. A heart of sticky rice, special ginger sauce and crispy duck. It’s all about the flavours here at Rice Queen – so it’s a good thing they offer a tapas-style selection of their tastiest dishes. Each mix-and-match dish costs between €2.50 and €3.70. So, can’t decide between the ginger chicken, tofu in peanut sauce and the spicy duck? We’d probably get all three! Along with a portion of rice (€1) and a zingy mango salad (€2), of course. And jokes aside, the interior is actually pretty cool. Exposed brickwork and minimalist furniture blend seamlessly with the colourful murals and flowers to create a spot that’s not quite Asia, not quite Berlin… but a bit of both. One thing’s for sure, though: by the time the deliciously fragrant rose tea arrives, that rushing traffic outside feels a million miles away. #BerlinFood #Berlin #HiddenBerlin #PrenzlauerBerg #DanzigerStrasse #RiceQueen #RiceQueenRestaurant #AsianFood #Asian #CrispyDuck #PeanutSauce #GingerChicken #PeanutTofu #Tapas #AsianTapas #Vegetarian #Veggie #VeggieFood #RoseTea #MangoSalad

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