Weltzeituhr am Alexanderplatz

Hidden Berlin Facebook and Instagram feeds (28 February 2016)

What’s the time right now in New York? Ok, how about Tokyo? Shanghai? Sydney? New Delhi? Yeah, we know: you could just Google it. But where’s the fun in that when you could also hop on a train to Alexanderplatz and take a selfie under the one clock in Berlin with all 24 of the world’s time-zones on rotating display?! The “Weltzeituhr” (“World Clock”) has been a quirky-looking part of Alexanderplatz’s landscape since the GDR era. 1969, to be precise – when, after 9 months in the making, industrial designer Erich John’s practical masterpiece was finally unveiled. We all know the stereotype that Germans love to be on time for everything… but this clock takes the love of punctuality to an international level. It’s also a popular rendezvous spot at Alexanderplatz: “we’ll meet under that 10m-tall clock with the rotating model of the solar system” can’t easily be misunderstood, we guess. #Alexanderplatz #Weltzeituhr #WorldClock #TimeZone #Clock #Architecture #ErichJohn #Berlin #EastBerlin #GDR #DDR #TimeZones #SolarSystem #Fernsehturm #FernsehturmBerlin #TvTower

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