Various & Gould: Face Time mural

Hidden Berlin Facebook and Instagram feeds (26 February 2016)

He’s weird, he’s wonderful, he’s colourful… and he’s gazing down at the shoppers loading their cars outside the Lidl on Heinrich-Heine Straße. Who is he? Well, technically, he’s nobody… and everybody. Created by Berlin artist duo Various & Gould, this pensive dude is one of the characters of the city-wide “Face Time” series. The idea? To celebrate the diversity of life by patching together facial features and expressions in a series of collaged heads. None of these characters actually exist… but that’s not the important bit. The important bit is that they COULD do. Wandering around Berlin, the duo want you to be smiled, laughed, winked or glared at by a mish-mash of muti-coloured eyes, noses and mouths. It’s an experiment, setting out to remind us that we’ll all colourful, we’re all unique and we’re all beautiful. Sure, this guy kind of looks like a blood-dripping severed head. But he’s a blood-dripping severed head you’d love to strike up a conversation with – and that’s not a feeling you get every day. Even in Berlin. #StreetArt #StreetArtBerlin #Kreuzberg #HeinrichHeine #VariousGould #BerlinStreetArt #Mural #FaceTime #MuralSeries #Mitte #BerlinMitte #BerlinKreuzberg #Portrait #Collage #Painting #Art #Berlin #HiddenBerlin #Berlinstagram

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