Falafel Vegan

Hidden Berlin Facebook and Instagram feeds (21 February 2016)

Psst. Wanna hear about a falafel place so hidden we can’t even find it on Google? Nah, we’re not about to spill the beans (or chickpeas) on Berlin’s top-secret underground falafel scene. We’re pretty sure Falafel Vegan is just one of the newest editions to Berlin Mitte's fast food market. Despite the fairly misleading name (there’s nothing vegan about the schawarma, “Lammfleisch” or halloumi on offer) it’s a quick, clean and straightforward affair. Pick what you want, how you want it (€3.50 “in bread” and €6 for a full plate) and watch as your chef rustles up a tasty lunch before your eyes. “Komplett?” he’ll ask. Answer yes and you’ll get a full accompaniment of all the colourful sauces and salad lit up on the counter. Crunching into your veggie-stuffed wrap, it’s easy to convince yourself this is the pinnacle of health food. Even though you saw the chef mould the falafel balls before deep frying them. But life’s all about balance, right? So we’ll get a Yogi Tea to carry in our other hand… #Falafel #Vegan #VeganFalafel #BerlinMitte #HiddenBerlin #Berlin #Mitte #Lunch #VeganFood #Veggie #YogiTea #YogiTee #RosaLuxemburgStrasse #VeggieFoodPorn #VeggieFood #Vegetables #Schawarma #Halloumi #Teller

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