Club Burger

Hidden Berlin Instagram and Facebook feeds (19 February 2016)

Fancy chowing down on something fresh, full of flavour and immensely satisfying after your Friday night dance sesh? Looks like a trip to Torstraße’s in order. The Club Burger menu’s a winner for carnivores and veggies alike. Satisfy that craving for meat with over 20 different beef or chicken options, including the intriguingly named “Ghetto Burger” (bacon and gorgonzola), the “Alpen” (Swiss cheese) or the "Hawaiian” (bacon, cheese and pineapple). Meanwhile, herbivores can delight in avocado, mozzarella, tofu and zucchini burgers galore – with 4 (4!!!) vegan options available for those who really took ‘Cowspiracy’ to heart. There’s no getting round it: this is classic fast food fare. But Club Burger takes all the best bits about fast food – you know: the ease, speed and intense carb-loading – and serves it up as something that looks suspiciously like high-quality stuff. In fact, the worst part of the Club Burger experience is deciding whether you want the classic pommes frites or those scrummy looking home fries for €1 extra. (Spoiler: we tried both, and it’s a win-win.) U2 Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz #ClubBurger #Burger #HiddenBerlin #Berlin #BerlinMitte #Torstraße #Veggie #HalloumiBurger #VeggieBurger #BeefBurger #ChickenBurger #FastFood #BerlinFood #FoodPorn #Vegan #VeganBurger #BerlinBurger #Cowspiracy #VeganFastFood #VeganFood #VeggieFoodPorn #HomeFries #Chips #PommesFrites

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