Quà Phê

Hidden Berlin Instagram and Facebook feeds (15 January 2016)

Work and leisure often get hopelessly entangled in Berlin – and the number of cafés-come-coworking spaces probably doesn’t help much. Enter Quà Phê: the self-service, alcohol-free and (as far as we can tell) WiFi-free Vietnamese joint that’s about to make chilling a whole lot more… well, chill. Quà Phê is a whizz at steamed buns, sticky rice and other sumptuous Vietnamese treats – and with prices starting at €3 for a meal-sized classic bun, it’s as easy on the wallet as it is on a rumbling stomach. But buns aside, it’s the atmosphere that makes this cosy Vietnamese café on a quiet Berlin MItte corner something to remember. Drop by a couple of times and you’ll probably find the staff already have your name memorised, as well as your favourite order – whether you’ve sunk into the colourful cushions to enjoy a traditional Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk, or simply dashed out of the office to grab something satisfying and nutritious for lunch. U2 Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz #QuaPhe #QuaPheBerlin #BerlinMitte #Mitte #HiddenBerlin #Vietnamese #VietnameseFood #VietnameseCafe #StickyRice #Coffee #Chill #Cafe #BerlinFood #VietnameseBun #Veggie #Vegetarian

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