Hidden Berlin Instagram and Facebook feeds (12 February 2016)

Think Prenzlauer Berg is the land of coffee-drinking yuppies and small children? Well, actually… you’re probably right. But one place bucking the trend is Eselsbrücke. On a quiet corner somewhere behind Schönhauser Allee station, this smoky Celtic-feeling oasis is a proper old-fashioned “Kneipe” in a sea of cafes and cocktail bars. Take that Deep Meaningful Conversation you’ve been planning for ages and have it in flickering candlelight over a Scotch Single Malt or Kilkenny – or a glass of Riesling, of course. With whiskeys around the €3.50-€5 mark and wine starting at €3 a glass, it’s gleefully cheap for Berlin’s notoriously upper-middle-class district. So for those wanting to while away a midweek evening with candlelight and the lull of contented chatter, this is your Prenzl'Berg representative. Oh, and what does Eselsbrücke actually mean? …Mnemonic, apparently. Maybe we’ll stick with the German name. Especially after a couple of whiskeys. #Kneipe #Eselsbrücke #Whiskey #PrenzlauerBerg #Berlin #HiddenBerlin #HiddenBar #Kilkenny #ScotchSingleMalt #SingleMalt #BerlinKneipe #FridayNight #Chill #Candle #Candlelight #Rustic #Candles

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