Dolores California Burritos

Hidden Berlin Facebook and Instagram feeds (5 February 2016)

Fancy chucking a bit of spice and sass into this dreary Berlin February? If yes, a trip to Dolores might be on the cards. It’s a funky-looking joint, complete with flashing name sign, cartoon avocados and pop-arty décor. But as the humble burrito taught us, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Which is…? Pretty much whatever you like! The burritos are paper-wrapped pockets of pure deliciousness. Soft tortillas bulging with anything from “super soy” to “naughty pork,” they’re a meal in themselves (not bad, from €4.50.) But don’t let that stop you ordering a basket of Dolores’ home-made taco chips on the side. Meat makes a solid effort here, as do veggie classics like avocado, soy and black beans – and for vegans seeking something original and foodgasmic? We’ve got three words: Smoky. Peanut. Salsa. Everything’s fresh, fast and made in front of your eyes – unless you’ve bagged a table, that is. Like all Berlin’s culinary phenomena, Dolores tends to be packed at peak times. But like they say: there’s no smoke without fire. And this colourful little restaurant is pretty hot – in all the right ways. #BerlinMitte #Dolores #Burrito #Burritos #Nachos #Tortilla #HiddenBerlin #Dinner #Berlin #BerlinFood #Vegan #Veggie #Vegetarian #Guacamole #CaliforniaBurrito #Spicy #Salsa #PeanutSalsa #Avocado #Mexican #MexicanFood #FridayNight #FastFood #HealthyFastFood #VeganFood #VeggieFood #Foodporn

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