Best Buddies Friendship Bear (Romero Britto)

Hidden Berlin Instagram and Facebook feeds (31 January 2016)

Things don’t have to be “hidden” to escape our notice. Sometimes it’s just a case of being overshadowed. Take this chap, for example. With his quirky colours and pop-art arms outstretched, he’s probably ready to give us the most colourful hug in Berlin. Well, he would be… if we weren’t too busy soaking up the political patterns and wistful words of the East Side Gallery. Nope, a gig across the road from one of Berlin’s most iconic landmarks was never going to be easy – but Best Buddies Friendship Bear looks like he’s up for the challenge. Brazilian pop artist Romero Britto created him in 2011, and he’s been collecting hugs ever since. The bear sits “in honour of people with intellectual disabilities who inspire their communities worldwide.” So it’s fitting that he was dedicated to Berlin by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder of the Special Olympics and pioneer in the fight for justice for those with intellectual disabilities. In need of some love during this grey Berlin February? Don’t worry: this bear’s got two hearts full – and he won’t be running out any time soon. #BestBuddies #Friendship #FriendshipBear #RomeroBritto #PopArt #Art #StreetArt #StreetArtBerlin #BerlinStreetArt #EastSideGallery #Sculpture #3DArt #EuniceKennedyShriver #SpecialOlympics #Berlin #BerlinBear #Bearlin #IgersBerlin #Colourful #Hugs #IntellectualDisabilities #DisabilityAwareness

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