Druide Absinthe & Cocktail Bar

Hidden Berlin Instagram and Facebook feeds (29 January 2016)

Absinthe. It’s a name that stirs up a queasy horror in some of us – and a feverish excitement in others. Whichever side of the fence you fall on, a visit to Druide Absinth and Cocktail Bar on Schönhauser Allee makes for a night you won’t forget in a hurry. (Well, your taste-buds won’t, anyway.) When it comes to this notorious anise-flavoured spirit, Druide’s something of an expert. With over 15 years in the trade, the bar boasts around 200 varieties – ranging from the relatively mild (53%) to the downright vomit-inducing (90%). But whether you’re opting for a quirkily-flavoured “Absinthe of the week” (€3.50) or a €7 throat-burner from Bulgaria, the real showstopper of the night is in the presentation. Watch as a vivid blue flame devours the sugar cube balanced above your glass, then quench it with water and enjoy the sweet – or not so sweet – taste of Druide. Just make sure you take some pictures for your Instagram feed before the flame goes out, like we did. Oh, and definitely wait a while before ordering your next shot. #Druide #Absinth #Absinthe #SchönhauserAllee #PrenzlauerBerg #HiddenBerlin #AbsinthBar #AbsintheBar #Shots #Spirits #Bar #Berlin #FridayNight

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