Rosenthaler Straße Street Art

Hidden Berlin Instagram and Facebook feeds (24 January 2016)

Remember that time we talked about the Anne Frank Zentrum in Berlin Mitte? Well, if you’re thinking of paying a visit, we’ve even more good news: to get to it, you’ll have to walk through here. The Hackescher Höfe are a series of courtyards and alleyways just off Rosenthaler Straße. A kind of urban labyrinth, they’re the largest enclosed courtyard complex in Germany. But it’s just a small part of the maze we’re interested in today. The bit through the arch to the right of Café Cinema, framed with colourful bunting and home to some of (in our opinion) the most intimate and smile-inducing street art in Berlin. It’s an explosion of inspirational messages, quotes and images, managing to feel both anarchistic and harmonious in a way that’s truly “Berlin.” The artwork changes constantly – so don’t be alarmed if you arrive to find a totally different display to the one we saw. We think that kind of makes it more personal, though- and wandering through these hidden passages on a quiet afternoon, you’ll really feel like it’s all for you. #StreetArt #StreetArtBerlin #RosenthalerStrasse #Graffiti #GraffitiArt #HackescheHöfe #BerlinStreetArt #Mitte #BerlinMitte #Alleyway #HiddenPassage #Courtyard #SecretGarden

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