Due Fratelli

Hidden Berlin Instagram feed (3 January 2016)

Nestled close to the city’s bustling Oranienburger Tor, Due Fratelli is probably the most Geman-looking Italian restaurant you can find in Berlin. With its old-fashioned wooden panelling and gingham tablecloths, you’re sure to get that authentic trattoria vibe – while the cost-effective and easily recognisable menu choices make it a great place for a quick lunch or casual meal out. The meals are simple but tasty, and the atmosphere is laid-back and fuss-free. Probably not the place you’re going to take your parents to impress them when they visit Berlin – but for quick, filling and good value Italian food in the middle of Berlin, Due Fratelli’s got you covered. #Berlin #BerlinFood #ItalianFood #DueFratelli #Pizza #Pasta #BerlinMitte #HiddenBerlin #HiddenPlacesBerlin #IgersBerlin #Berlinstagram #LunchinBerlin

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