The Exe-List: Bloom

Exeposé Music online (30 December 2015)

For those opening seconds of Bloom’s debut track, we’re a bit lost at sea. It’s pretty exciting, though. Even more so when a beat kicks in and we’re speeding along on clear waters. Released in April, the melody of ‘Oceans’ is smooth and satisfying, with just the right amount of tortured soul in the vocals. The track has a rolling momentum that pulls us through quieter moments and gives us power in all the right places. Those moments of force hit you like waves. It’s the kind of music you’ll have on while something really profound and creative is happening, or on a Skins episode during some moment of emotional awakening. ‘Oceans’ is a deliciously angsty backdrop to higher things – but their second single ‘Voices’ demands our attention in its own right. Released in November, this second single sees Bloom present us with a cleaner sound, a faster pace and a seductively intricate blend of beats and harmonies. Somewhere between the feverish vocals and the crazy-dancing-at-a-festival tempo, the track gives us a healthy dose of euphoria – and a sneaking suspicion that we’ve still not heard everything Bloom has to offer. This Exeter four-piece promise us psychedelic pop – and that’s certainly what they’ve delivered this year. As for 2016? I guess we’ll have to “sit and wait, and watch the sparks fly.”

Image: Bloom

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