Pane e Vino

Hidden Berlin Instagram feed (20 December 2015)

A decent pizza for €3.90? Impossible. Well, at any place other than Pane e Vino, perhaps. But at this unassuming Italian in Prenzlauer Berg, you can grab any pizza, pasta or al forno dish on the menu for that humble figure – and enjoy it in brilliantly authentic surroundings. With wood panelling and chequered tablecloths reminiscent of Mama’s kitchen, and pizzas being whipped up right in front of your eyes, this feels like anything but a budget joint. Tuck into a sizzling lasagne or loaded pizza in the lamplight while trying to decipher the messages scrawled on the walls, or – weather permitting – enjoy an al fresco feast on the bustling Kastanienallee. If you’re in a hurry, it’s probably best to let the staff know beforehand, as the service is fairly relaxed – but for a surprisingly luxurious meal in cosy surroundings, pull up a chair at Pane e Vino. #HiddenBerlin #Pizza #PaneEVino #ItalianFood #PrenzlauerBerg #Kastanienallee #IgersBerlin #Berlinstagram #BerlinFood #BerlinFoodie #BerlinPizza #LunchinBerlin #FoodPorn

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