Horst Dohm Eisstadion

Hidden Berlin Instagram feed (18 December 2015)

We’ve decided that Christmas in Berlin means three things: markets, Glühwein… and ice skating! If you’re aching to test out your balance and poise, Horst Dohm is the place to head. With entrance fees of €3.30 for adults and skate hire at €5-9, it’s probably a cheaper way to spend a couple of hours than guzzling Glühwein at the markets… and judging by the sweat we worked up, it’ll do a lot more for our fitness, too! The skating zone switches between the outer ring and the inner fenced rink, depending on which one’s being resurfaced. Word of warning: the outer ring looks like it doesn’t have any hand-rails… and that’s because it doesn’t. Yep, this is one serious ice rink – meaning you’ll probably see at least ten semi-professional looking children whizz past before you even make it onto the ice. Don’t worry, though: there are plenty of beginners too. And with upbeat music and hot drinks and snacks, it’s all pretty exciting. Until that inevitable tumble. #HorstDohm #HorstDohmEisstadion #Eisstadion #Eislaufen #Schlittschuhlaufen #IceSkating #Berlin #HiddenBerlin #IceRink #IceSkatingRink #WinterInBerlin #ChristmasInBerlin #Skating #SkatingRink

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