Dada Falafel

Hidden Berlin Instagram feed (13 December 2015)

It’s not hard to find falafel in Berlin. What’s a bit trickier, though, is hunting down a spot that balances taste and authenticity with a fantastic dining experience. Happily we stumbled upon dada Falafel recently, and noticed that it ticks most of the boxes. The colourful, trendy interior is just one of dada's charms. Of course, the main attraction is the falafel – but with a menu stuffed full of tasty veggie and meat options, dada's anything but a one-trick pony. At €4 a sandwich and €8 for a platter, it’s not the cheapest falafel in Berlin – but by Mitte standards, it’s practically a steal. Especially when you clap eyes on the feast of flavours and textures on each plate. From halloumi and couscous to houmous, grilled aubergine, spring rolls and eye-wateringly hot sauce (it's optional: don't worry!) it’s really not all about the falafel here. Ok, it’s still mostly about the falafel. But hey: the falafel's crazy good. #HiddenBerlin #Mitte #Falafel #DadaFalafel #Veggie #Houmous #Couscous #BerlinMitte #Berlin #IgersBerlin #Berlinstagram #Lunch #LunchinBerlin #FalafelPlate

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