Waffel oder Becher

Hidden Berlin Instagram feed (4 December 2015)

What: just because the snow’s arrived, ice cream’s off the menu? Nah. Not if you cosy on down at Waffel oder Becher, anyway! Now, in German, “Waffel” doesn’t always literally mean a waffle. Often it means ice-cream cone. So “Waffel oder Becher?” translates as something like: “In a cone or a tub?” But don’t panic: this place actually does waffles. Pretty tasty ones too. Along with cakes, cookies, gelato, hot drinks, croissants, fruit shakes… in short, all the ingredients for an indulgent little pick-me-up during a day of sightseeing. The interior’s cute, cosy and playful – and the ice cream selection’s enough to make us giddy. Even more so when we get to choose from a dizzying selection of sauces and toppings. Waffles are around €3-4, making this a fairly cheap pit stop, while the “Kids Stairway to Ice Cream” at the counter gives young gelato fans a peek at what’s on offer. Waffel oder Becher’s made a sweet Italian treat into a truly “Berlin” experience. It’s enough to make us want another scoop… #WaffeloderBecher #IceCream #Eis #Waffles #Gelato #Berlin #HiddenBerlin #Cute #Twee #CuteCafe #Berlinstagram #IgersBerlin #BerlinFood #Dessert #IceCreamParlour #BerlinFoodie

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