The Bird in Berlin

Hidden Berlin Instagram feed (29 November 2015)

“Please at least try and eat the damn burger with your hands,” the menu mutters. “All you uptight people with forks and knives are driving us crazy.” Feeling a bit intimidated? Don’t worry: we were too. But happily, the staff at The Bird are nowhere near this bossy in real life. In fact, it’s all pretty fun around here. Burgers, steaks and fiendishly good fries are the order of the day at Prenzlauer Berg’s rocking New York bar and restaurant. Expect old-school records and roaring chatter as you plough your way through a freshly grilled feast. At around €10-14, it’s a bit pricier than your average burger – but that hasn’t stopped Berlin going crazy for this slice of the Big Apple. Of course, with great fame comes great… well, queues. Spontaneous Saturday nights aren’t really a thing here. To bag a table, you’ll definitely want to book – and by 8pm on the weekends, people are literally queuing to get in. We don’t really blame them. #TheBird #PrenzlauerBerg #TheBirdinBerlin #HiddenPlacesBerlin #HiddenBerlin #Burger #VeggieBurger #NewYorkBurger #Steakhouse #Fries #NewYorkSteakhouse #Berlinstagram #IgersBerlin #Dinner #EatingOut #BerlinFood

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