Street Food Thursday

Hidden Berlin Instagram feed (27 November 2015)

Want to feel like you’ve earned your dinner? Come and have a wander round Markthalle Neun’s weekly street food market and hunt down something deliciously exotic. Or something totally Berlin. It’s up to you! From the moment the doors open at 5pm each Thursday, the hall’s an oasis of international titbits and delicacies. From Currywurst to Mexican tacos to vegan courgetti, it’s an adventurous foodie’s paradise. Now, you’ll want to spend a good few minutes stalking your prey first – which means circling the many stalls, seeing what’s on offer and planning your line of attack. Best get some back-up too, so someone can nab a table while you grab the goods. …Ok, it’s not actually that brutal. In fact, this “democratic restaurant” prides itself on offering a fair deal for both diners and stall-holders. Still, we bet the adrenaline’s pumping by the time you sit down. And when the thrill of the chase wears off? Don’t worry. It’s all delicious. #StreetFood #StreetFoodThursday #MarkthalleNeun #Kreuzberg #BerlinStreetFood #Courgetti #VeganFood #Burger #InternationalFood #StreetFoodMarket #BerlinVegan #Courgetti #HiddenBerlin #Currywurst #HiddenPlacesBerlin #Berlinstagram #IgersBerlin

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