Rathaus Pankow

Hidden Berlin Instagram feed (20 November 2015)

For new residents in Pankow, this is where you’ll go to "anmelden," or register your address. But even if you’re not sticking around long, this stunning building’s definitely worth a poke around. Finished in 1903, Pankow’s town hall was designed by Wilhelm Johow. The roof was originally copper, but this was removed during WWI to supply materials for weaponry. Approaching the Rathaus, you might notice four figures surveying their visitors from above. The handiwork of Pankow sculptor Sponar, these statues supposedly represent the four civic virtues: righteousness, hard work, honour and charity. Which one’s which? Well, we’ll leave that to you to decide. Under the redbrick exterior, an elaborately decorated entrance hall boasts striking art nouveau features, while the wood-panelled council hall is also worth seeing. Rathaus Pankow was seen as far too ostentatious by the ruling Social Democrats in cold war East Germany. But it’s been a protected monument since the 1970s, and continues to be both an administrative and symbolic centre of Pankow. #Pankow #Rathaus #RathausPankow #Architecture #BerlinArchitecture #BuildingsInBerlin #HiddenBerlin #HiddenPlaces #TownHall #Bürgeramt #BerlinBürgeramt #Redbrick #GermanArchitecture

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