Peter Lenk artwork

Hidden Berlin Instagram feed (8 November 2015)

Walking past the offices of Berlin newspaper Die Tageszeitung, you’d be forgiven for doing a double take. Yep, that’s a colossal naked man gazing upwards, legs splayed. And that – well, yep. That’s his penis. So hang on: who sculpts giant phalluses on the sides of office buildings? Nuremberg-born sculptor Peter Lenk, it seems. But this isn’t a casual bit of public nudity: it’s a media war. The man with the mammoth willy is supposedly Kai Diekmann, editor of Germany’s biggest selling and distinctly right-wing tabloid BILD. With their offices just opposite, the sculpture is clearly visible from BILD’s windows. An attempt to poke fun at Axel Springer’s beloved tabloid, then? Lenk has reportedly denied that the giant penis belongs to Diekmann. Nonetheless, German media – and Diekmann himself – accepted this interpretation with glee. While many TAZ employees actually condemned the mural, the “Keep the Penis” campaign presented stiff competition – and soon after, Diekmann started a popular blog with headlines such as “How much cock is acceptable?" Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23, 10969 Berlin #BerlinArt #StreetArt #HiddenBerlin #HiddenPlaces #PeterLenk #Tageszeitung #BILD #PenisArt #ControversialArt #KaiDiekmann #Berlin #HiddenPlacesBerlin #Caricature #ModernArt #StreetArtBerlin #BerlinStreetArt #Berlinstagram

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