German summer set to return on Wednesday

The Local Germany (24 August 2015)

The week may have got off to a cloudy start across Germany, but don’t pack away the shorts just yet – the summer is set to return in style on Wednesday.

The Monday morning blues seemed very real across Germany this week, as after weeks of glorious sunshine day dawned in many regions to cloudy and drizzly skies.

The sun will remain fairly elusive for the rest of Monday, with most of the country staying clouded and rain showers making things decidedly soggy in the west. Temperatures should remain reasonably warm though, with afternoon highs of 26 in Berlin and Rostock.

Throughout Monday night the showers will move eastwards and become more widespread, with lows of 14C in Munich and other southern regions.

The wind looks set to pick up on Tuesday, with warnings issued for Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt. Things could also feel chilly in the morning, with temperatures hovering in the mid teens.

However, by Tuesday afternoon most of the wind and rain should have passed over, and many regions will see temperatures around 21-23C.

Wednesday looks set to be the turning point of this week for most of Germany. Temperatures could soar to 28C in central and southern regions, while the sun makes its long-awaited reappearance.

The heat will continue to rise during Thursday, with some regions hitting the 30C mark. Berlin, Dresden and Nuremberg are among those predicted to experience highs of 31C, with the rest of the country not far behind.

Next week spells the end of the meteorological summer across the northern hemisphere – but if Germany’s weather from Wednesday onwards lives up to forecasts, summer 2015 certainly looks set to go out in style.

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