Quadruple bomb defusal starts in Kiel school

The Local Germany (21 August 2015)

Bomb disposal experts in Kiel took on their biggest operation of the decade on Friday morning, as they worked to defuse four unexploded Second World War bombs found near a school in the port city.

For decades, pupils and teachers have attended Theodor-Storm School in Kiel’s Wellingdorf district, unaware that four Second World War bombs lay unexploded on the school grounds.

The four American bombs were discovered during an aerial survey of the school grounds, reports Kieler Nachrichten.

One lay just metres below a school classroom, while another was directly next to a local kindergarten.

At 10am, experts began work defusing the 250kg and 500kg bombs.

Authorities evacuated around 4,500 people from homes and offices in the surrounding area while a disposal team got to work.

Experts estimate that the operation should take around six hours.

However, the city’s information website advised locals to be patient, warning that the area could remain blocked off for up to eight hours.

Today’s multiple defusal is just the latest batch of unexploded WW2 bombs discovered in Kiel.

During the war, the city’s many arms factories made it a popular target for Allied attacks – and on August 6th and 7th, similar evacuations were carried out while experts defused two 250kg and 500kg bombs found in the city’s Düstembrook and Wellingdorf districts.

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