Nuremberg produces record 460m pencil

The Local Germany (5 August 2015)

Stationery manufacturer STAEDTLER officially produced the world’s longest colouring pencil in Nuremberg this week – beating the previous record by 136 metres.

110 STAEDTLER employees worked together to produce the giant pencil on Wednesday morning.

Production started at 10:30am.

Their goal was to beat the previous record – a whopping 323.51 metres – by at least another 50 metres. And they managed it.

Representatives from Guinness World Records traveled to Nuremberg on Wednesday to measure the team’s efforts.

The pencil was 459.97 metres long, making it the longest in the world.

With a distinctive black and orange coating, the pencil is made of WOPEX – a composite material developed by STAEDTLER and made mostly of wood.

“We’re extremely happy that we beat the previous record with our innovative materials and we are very proud of our employees, who made this record possible,” said Erna Müller, Head of Corporate Communications at STAEDTLER.

“All in all it was a successful, colourful day of fun and games for everyone who attended.”

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