‘Straw hat’ robbers leave flowers as calling card

The Local Germany (28 July 2015)

Brandenburg police are searching for two men who held up a goldsmiths’ shop, leaving a pistol at the scene – as well as a bunch of sunflowers.

On Saturday morning, two unidentified men entered goldsmith Antja Timm’s shop on Bäckerstraße, reports Märkische Allgemeine (MAZ).

One of the men was holding a pistol – and the other a bunch of sunflowers.

The men threatened Timm with the pistol, forcing her to remain quiet while they bound her with sticky tape and forced her into the shop toilet.

They then set about emptying the shop’s open safe – also making away with a laptop, and jewellery from various cabinets.

The gunman was around 25 years old, about 1.75 metres tall, with short blonde hair and a straight nose, the shop worker described.

He wore cropped white trousers with a pale blue floral design, as well as a light blue jacket and black trainers.

The other man wore a straw hat – and carried the bunch of sunflowers.

Neither man was masked, and both spoke in a foreign language.

Pride or stupidity

Police remain uncertain as to what made the pair leave behind their weapon and the flowers – police spokesperson Janna Birnbaum told MAZ it could be down to “panic, carelessness, recklessness, pride or plain stupidity.”

However, this daylight robbery in the town centre has caused unease among traders.

“Obviously, we’re all scared to death,” said goldsmith Heike Burgemann, who owns a shop on the town’s Jahrtausendbrücke – and now ensures that at least two people remain in the shop at all times.

Timm re-opened her shop two days after the assault.

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