Police put aggressive squirrel behind bars

The Local Germany (15 July 2015)

Police in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) published a video on their Facebook page on Wednesday, showing an officer at the station feeding honey to a cute little squirrel.

The reason? The animal had just been ‘arrested’ and taken into custody, police said in a press release.

Earlier that morning, police had received an unusual emergency call from a young woman in Bottrop.

While walking down the street in the west German city, the woman found herself being chased by the squirrel.

Unable to shake the animal off, she eventually called the police for help – and an officer was quick to come to her aid.

After capturing the rodent, officers brought it back to the station, where it was discovered that the animal was showing symptoms of exhaustion.

The video, on the Polizei NRW Facebook page, has already been viewed around 12,000 times.

NRW police say the squirrel will be transferred to a rescue centre once it has recovered its strength.

>>View original thelocal.de story>>


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