The Pursuit of Perfect Procrastination

Exeposé Science & Tech, Issue 639, Page 15 (18-5-2015) and Exeposé Science & Tech online (22-5-2015)

I list the apps that make my productivity plummet.

1) Pinterest
This is my go-to app when I want to kid myself that I’m not procrastinating at all. It’s useful. I NEED to have a comprehensive inventory of Jamie’s egg recipes. And I have to have multiple methods of making Oreo cheesecakes. Of course, I can justify browsing the web for interesting features and news stories as research for my future high-flying journalism career, right? I can’t explain the cat videos, though.

2) OneDrive
Procrastination for the sentimental and/or organisational freaks like myself. This is basically a free Cloud storage app for all of your really important documents – although it’s the photo upload tool that is the real pull. I thought I’d exhausted this app of all its time-sucking power once I’d uploaded my 1268 iPhone photos and spent a while reminiscing about Summer 2K13. But no; you can make new albums as well! Oh, the fun just never ends.

3) aa
If you haven’t downloaded this game yet… you’re probably in a much better place than I am. Basically, you have to attach all these numbered spikes onto a spinning wheel, and at first it seems so easy, but oh, it’s beyond infuriating. The thing is, you don’t get angry at the game, you get angry at yourself. And the way your thumbs suddenly develop a mind of their own. I’m currently stuck on Level 27. Anyone who can better this… you have my utmost respect.

4) Yik Yak
This little beaut barely needs an introduction. You’re anonymous. You can say anything you want and it’s wonderful. Never before have I had this freedom to talk about my poo. And I can be passive-aggressive about ANYONE. Chewing loudly in the library? Walking slowly in front of me? Taking the last cookie dough brownie in Comida when I’m next in line? Oh, just you wait, my friend. I’ve got a yak in waiting with your name on it.

5) 30-day ab challenge
Ok, so I only got to Day 17 – and it really wasn’t fun. But hey, if you have the willpower and core strength I sadly lack, I reckon this could be almost enjoyable. Lol, jk.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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