266 students accused of misconduct in last year

Exeposé News Issue 633, Page 7 (19 January 2015) and Exeposé News online (23 January 2015)

266 academic misconduct cases were made against Exeter students for the 2013/14 academic year, with guilty verdicts seeing 21 students expelled from the University since 2011/12.

Of the 266 cases, just eight ended in an innocent verdict. 137 involved ‘poor academic practice’ – referring to inadequate referencing and minor copying due to misunderstanding. And in 135 cases the student was found guilty.

76 cases involved ‘academic misconduct’ – behaviour which, undetected, would have deceived assessors and benefitted the student involved. This includes directly quoting without referencing sources, failing to reference unoriginal ideas and submitting work identical to another student’s submissions. 71 of these cases resulted in the student being found guilty.

However, 47 cases saw students accused of ‘severe academic misconduct’ – either a second offence, extensive plagiarism or cheating, or behaviour designed to deceive assessors and benefit the student. 46 guilty verdicts were reached in 2013/14.

Of the 21 expulsions since 2011/12, 20 were due to ‘severe academic misconduct.’

A University of Exeter spokesperson said: “The University takes all forms of academic misconduct extremely seriously, and we are pleased that the number of cases has continued to fall.

“Although the number of cases remains relatively small, the University has worked with the Students’ Guild over a number of years to ensure students are fully aware of the rules, and also the consequences of breaking them. We are confident that this approach will lead to continued improvement and further reductions in cases of this nature.”

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Issue 633, Page 7 (News)


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