Man arrested for exposure on Cardiac Hill

Exeposé News online (28 November 2014)

A man has been detained by Estate Patrol and later arrested after exposing his genitals to a student on Cardiac Hill.

The male, in his fifties and wearing an overcoat, passed the female student as she walked down the hill on Thursday 20 November. He proceeded to open the overcoat and expose himself to the student, who immediately reported the incident at Birks Grange.

Soon after, an Estate Patrol vehicle spotted the man, described as “of scruffy appearance” – who was covering the area of his genitals with his hand.

Catching up with the offender at the bottom of Cardiac Hill, Estate Patrol were able to detain him despite the man’s attempts to take flight in the direction of New North Road.

Police arrested the man, who reportedly “still had his genitals on display,” and took him to Heavitree Road Police Station, where Estate Patrol and the female student gave witness statements.

John Freer, Security Operations Manager, praised the student’s quick thinking in reporting the incident to Estate Patrol.

“We’re trying to get students to be very proactive in reporting things to us as they happen,” he said, adding “we’re always here, and if students phone us to report a crime we’ll be there in minutes.”

>>View original Exeposé News story>>


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