Dashing through the (cold, wet) Exeter snow

Exeposé Lifestyle Issue 631, Page 19 (24 November 2014) and Exeposé Lifestyle online (26 November 2014)

It was always going to be a hard sell, harping on about the benefits of running in the winter months. What – going outside voluntarily? Without a snood? I know. It sounds like crazy talk. But before you all run for the hills (which, by the way, I thoroughly recommend) hang on a second. Let’s ponder why venturing out for a jog on a chilly December morning might not actually be as dire as it sounds.

Being typical tight-arsed students, we’ve yet to switch our central heating on regularly. But you know what I’ve found the perfect cure for those mornings you can’t seem to shake the chill? Going out and transforming yourself from a shivering wreck into a fiery goddess.

Let’s face it – your body is the cheapest central heating system you’re ever going to have. Throw yourself out there, get your blood racing, and come home basking in the warmth radiating from your glowing limbs. No utilities bills required (except for all those KitKat Chunkys you’ll need to refuel.)

On a less virtuous note, running in winter makes you look bloody impressive – and the more diabolical the weather, the better. You can see it in the eyes of those you pass: “Kudos to you, my friend,” they’re thinking. See those students walking to the Sports Park in gilets, bobble hats and scarves? Wimps. Pounding the pavements in torrential downpours is nothing for a spunky sprinter such as yourself.

In all honesty, though, rain just isn’t an issue when you’re not battling with an umbrella, shielding your laptop while fighting to keep your straightened fringe in place. In fact, rain is now your BFF, hiding all manner of sweat-related issues. Embrace the elements and feel free as a bird, not fretting about the hair plastered to your face.

You can shower when you get home. And your housemates are going to love the smell of your trainers drying on the radiator for the next week – serves them right for leaving you with the washing up for the past four nights, doesn’t it?

Back on the vanity wagon, now – we’re sadly reaching the end of the season when it’s socially acceptable (and medically unadvisable) to wear shorts outside.

But hold up: no-one said any-thing about ditching the running shorts! Shaved your legs for that party you ended up wearing tights to? All is not lost. Parade those pins now. Just don’t let anyone get close enough to spot the goose bumps.

All jokes aside though, exposing yourself to freezing temperatures isn’t always conducive to healthy extremities – with the major problem areas I’ve identified being ears, nose, fingers and knees. Now, there’s not much you can do about the nose situation – I’d just embrace the act of becoming a snotty mess.

But investing in a light pair of gloves, some below-the-knee leggings and a windproof jacket is almost definitely a wise move. Frost-bite isn’t fit, ladies and gents. Now get out there and face the storm.

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