Students stranded after late housing applications

Exeposé News Issue 627, Page 3 (29 September 2014), Exeposé News online (2 October 2014)

120 first year students who applied late for accommodation this year were unable to be housed by the University, according to data released by the accommodation office.

A University spokesperson stated that while all those applying before the deadline of 31 July had been offered places in University-managed accommodation, around 300 applications were made after this date.

Despite make offers for “roughly two thirds of these students,” they continued: “Unfortunately, there were 120 students who we were unable to accommodate.”

They added that the University had written to those affected and held an event on 28-29 August highlighting “the alternatives available.”

Students were provided with private sector lists and helped to find housing online, as well as arranging temporary INTO accommodation.

The spokesperson concluded: “Our understanding is that all of these students have now been able to find accommodation,” with some “offered University accommodation due to other students not taking up offers or making alternative arrangements.”

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Issue 627, Page 3 (News)

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