Sanctions for Rugby

Exeposé News Issue 627, Front Page (29 September 2014), Exeposé News online (30 September 2014) – Collaboration with News co-editor Emily Leahy

The University has confirmed that Exeter University Rugby Football Club (EURFC) has been disciplined following salacious rumours about their behaviour during Freshers’ Week.

The club has been fined for breaching the AU code of conduct, with two committee members standing down.

The news comes as both the University and students address allegations of indecent exposure by a club member in a nightclub queue.

While unable to confirm various rumours regarding EURFC’s actions, a University spokesperson said: “The AU carried out an investigation into general breaches of the code of conduct,” adding: “a ine was imposed and two members of the committee voluntarily resigned from their position.”

One allegation suggested a club member masturbated in the queue for Exeter nightclub Timepiece.

An onlooker said: “an individual behind us was approached by a police officer and accosted for allegedly masturbating in public. The whole thing was pretty shocking.”

When questioned by Exeposé, a University spokesperson confirmed: “we are aware of an incident involving one student that took place near Timepiece,
which we believe was dealt with by the police at the time,” adding that the University had “no further information in relation to this.”

Various EURFC members were contacted for comment, but none had responded at the time of going to print.

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