FXU splits from Students’ Guild

Exeposé News Issue 626, page 3 (Freshers Issue) and Exeposé News Online (14 September 2014)

Falmouth & Exeter Students’ Union (FXU) has split from The University of Exeter Students’ Guild.

FXU, which supports both Falmouth University students and Cornwall-based Exeter University students, will now run independently from Exeter’s Students’ Guild.

It is hoped that the move will more clearly define the support available to University of Exeter students studying in Penryn and Truro, who can now receive more targeted and effective services.

While Cornwall-based students will remain associate members of the Students’ Guild, with access to Guild societies and events, FXU will now be their primary channel for representation from the University. Students studying in Exeter itself will continue to be represented by the Students’ Guild.

Despite forming a clear distinction between the two Students’ Unions, Guild President Rachael Gillies predicts that the move will provide valuable new opportunities for collaboration between the Guild and the FXU.

“The clarification of the responsibilities of both will ensure that University of Exeter students studying on Cornwall campuses have clear and effective means for making sure their voices are heard,” Gillies said.

“The Students’ Guild and FXU will continue to work closely together and I look forward to an exciting new period of collaboration,” she added.

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Issue 626, Page 3 (News)


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