Gemini and Capital Taxis merge

Exeposé News Online (29 August 2014)

Exeter’s two largest taxi companies are to merge into one “super-company”, it was announced this week.

Gemini Taxis and Capital Taxis are set to unite over the coming months, in a move that Gemini Taxis has described as “an exciting development within the Exeter taxi trade.”

In a statement on the company’s Facebook page, Gemini predicted the union will allow the companies to “better serve the whole of Exeter and the surrounding area.”

The move will create a combined fleet of almost 200 taxis, along with higher staffing levels and more phone lines – all aiming to improve availability.

The increase in vehicle numbers is also expected to improve efficiency, reducing wasted mileage and benefitting the environment.

A new computerised booking system promises to speed up the ordering process and reduce waiting times, while a new app means customers will soon be able to book taxis directly using their smartphones.

While both companies will continue to operate separately for the time being, Gemini states it hopes customers “will be delighted with the new and improved service” brought about by the merge.

More information is expected to be released over the coming months.

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